Benefits of Battery powered Machinery

October 1st 2021

Choosing between battery garden machinery and petrol machinery is often down to user preference and which is more convenient for yourself. This blog aims to help you get an update on where battery garden machinery now stands. Some times it’s nice to just flick a switch and on turns the lawnmower, other times it feels satisfying to feel the power of the petrol engine vibrating through your body as you slice your way through a hedge with minimal effort.

It can be a difficult task choosing between battery powered garden machinery or petrol powered. If you’ve always used petrol powered machinery you might be wondering if you’ll be losing power and reliability. If your new to garden machinery you maybe wondering the same. Truth is with the advances of battery technology it’s a much more level playing field now more than ever.

Can Battery Outperform Petrol?

The answer to this is simply yes! Battery technology has advanced to the stage where they can now match and even outperform the petrol counterparts. The introduction to the 56V batteries have really pushed the industry further giving machinery a long running time whilst maintaining optimal power. The batteries are also lightweight so that when used with chainsaws or hedge cutters it is comfortable to use.

EGO’s 56V ARC Lithium™ battery delivers the industry’s highest energy capacity – a new level of performance. It gives you dependable power to get the job done, while solving the problems of running costs, fossil fuel emissions and vibration. 

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Are Battery Tools Cheaper To Run?

Yes, Battery garden machinery are cheaper to run as you do not have to keep purchasing fuel and oil for the machinery. There’s also less moving parts that can go wrong so generally the costs for servicing are lower. Typically a service for a battery powered machine is cheaper, however that does not mean you can neglect a service. Making sure the motor components are in top condition can help with the longevity of the machine. For instance if the blades are not sharpened it would mean the machine is not chopping and slicing as effectively which will put a strain on the battery and the motor. So do make sure you put yours in for a yearly service to help its lifespan!

Its also cheaper to charge a battery to full charge than keep topping up on petrol, if you are regularly using machinery then battery powered could be a perfect if you are looking to keep running costs down. Five litres of petrol will set you back roughly £7 whereas a full charge on an Ego battery would be in the pennies! So it would be huge saving if you are regularly using.


What’s the Charge Time of Batteries?

The charge time depends on the size of your battery and the charger you are using. This is the only major drawback to the battery powered machinery. When the battery is dead you need to wait for it to charge, or purchase a spare battery. This is where most people prefer petrol, just top up the petrol and you’re up and running in no time. Despite this drawback the charge times from the EGO brand are not the end of world. some batteries charging in as little as 30 minutes. The perfect amount of time for a tea break for you hard workers out there!

Below is a table of the Ego range charging times.

Battery stats

Looking After Your Battery

The most important component to the cordless machine is the battery. Just like petrol machinery using the correct fuel or treating fuel pro longs the life of that machine. With batteries it is the same, if you look after the batteries in the correct manner, they will last for a longer time. Unfortunately batteries will never stay at 100% storage capability over time but you can decrease the effects of it.

  • No special temperature requirements for winter.
  • No need to recharge during storage.
  • Batteries can be left in the charger.
  • Batteries can be used at any state of charge.
  • Store in a dry place


So overall you can see that battery garden machinery does have it’s benefits. It’s hard to compare to petrol machinery as both have their merits and cons. Most of the time it’s down to the users preference, however it must be said that unless you looking at a premium battery brands you will struggle to replicate the power and consistency of petrol machinery. As always if you have questions you would like covered please get in touch and we’ll help where we can!







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