• July 26th 2023

    Buying Machines Online

    Buying Machines Online Buying machines online can be very convenient, the majority of the time it’s effortless, a few clicks and you have a shiny new machine on the way to you. A few days later or sometimes even the next day a huge package arrives at your doorstep and the delivery driver disappears to continue his delivery round. So far the online experience

  • December 15th 2022

    Ammanford food run challenge!

    Ben has completed the challenge of completing one mile every hour for 24 hours. He knew this challenge would be tough but he didn’t realise just how much the challenge would consume those 24 hours. We raised roughly 536KG of food for the Ammanford food bank. Video of that coming shortly! We’re hoping that will

  • September 26th 2022

    Christmas Food Challenge!

    We at Jenkins Garden Machinery want to give back to the community this Christmas. Our aim is to raise a ton of food for the Ammanford foodbank.  As Christmas is generally a busy period for the foodbank with regards to donations, we aim to donate money so that when the food that is donated at

  • September 20th 2022

    Petrol Cobra Wood Chipper 650L

      The Cobra CHIP650L is a 6.5hp Petrol Wood Chipper. It is small and compact but powerful enough to easily shred branches up to 80mm / 3″ diameter. The unique hinged design of the chute allows easy access to the blades. The petrol chipper comes with a 196cc 6.5 Hp Loncin Engine meaning that it can

  • November 2nd 2021

    Our leaf blowers!

    Jenkins stock a range of leaf blowers, it can be hard at first glance to know which type and how much power you need. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back on this one! Here’s a break down of the leaf blowers we have here at Jenkins Garden Machinery. ECHO! Our premium brand are known for

  • October 26th 2021

    Winter Service

    We cannot stress enough that the storing of your machinery is probably the most important action you can take to increase your machines life span. Not only will the machine will be running come spring time, but can prevent minor issues developing into major ones whilst it is stored away. A common misconception is that

  • October 21st 2021

    Own a Pre-Loved Machine

    Please find below the current second hand machines we have for sale. Walk Behinds Al-Ko 51.7 ph-H         ATCO QUATRRO 22SH V 4IN1 STIGA MULTICLIP   Honda HRG466 Toro Walk Behind   countax C500h   JOHN DEERE x300r   MOUNTFIELD RIDER               CUB CADET SZ-48  

  • October 5th 2021

    The Jenkins Service!

    Garden machinery is an investment which needs to be taken care of to ensure you get the most years as possible from the machine. We offer a Garden machinery service that we pride ourselves on. That’s why we strive to ensure that your machine is looked at thoroughly by our expert maintenance team. Here we

  • October 1st 2021

    Benefits of Battery powered Machinery

    Choosing between battery garden machinery and petrol machinery is often down to user preference and which is more convenient for yourself. This blog aims to help you get an update on where battery garden machinery now stands. Some times it’s nice to just flick a switch and on turns the lawnmower, other times it feels

  • September 21st 2021

    Storing your Mower for Winter

        Storing your lawnmower for Winter Storing your lawnmower correctly is a task that is often overlooked. The days of summer are over, it’s dark by 6, the last thing on your mind is mowing the lawn. Majority of owners just throw their lawnmower into a dark corner of a shed  and leave it

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