Christmas Food Challenge!

September 26th 2022

We at Jenkins Garden Machinery want to give back to the community this Christmas. Our aim is to raise a ton of food for the Ammanford foodbank.  As Christmas is generally a busy period for the foodbank with regards to donations, we aim to donate money so that when the food that is donated at Christmas is used, the foodbank will have funds to use to top up their shelves. We can also accept food donations, the food must be in date by 3months and we cannot accept fresh fruit and veg unfortunately .

To help awareness and add a little extra challenge, Ben has volunteered to complete the 1 mile every hour challenge. This challenge requires you to run 1 mile every hour for 24 hours. Although its not the most physically demanding challenge, it certainly tests your determination and mental strength. The challenge will start on the 10th December at 10pm and end on the 11th at 10pm. As it’ll take roughly 10 minutes to run a mile Ben will have about 50 minutes between runs meaning eating and sleeping will be difficult during those 24 hours. All of the runs will be recording and shared to both the Jenkins Garden machinery story on Facebook and to Bens personal Facebook account. We have a Stewardship page set up where all the money donated will be used to buy food that is needed by the food bank.

A link to the donation page is here

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