How Measure Your Chainsaw Chain

September 14th 2021

What you need to measure your chainsaw chain!

When you measure or buy a chain you will need to know 3 crucial details about the chainsaw you are using, so here is what you need. The Gauge, The pitch and the number of drive links. If you already know your measurements you can purchase chain here! It is advised that when you measure the chain you use a calliper for great accuracy.

The first step to take is have a look on the chainsaw bar, some bars will display the information of what chain is needed for that chainsaw. An example is provided below. All that you would need to do is to count the drive links.

Green = Gauge 0.043″          Yellow = 14″ Bar Length           Blue = 3/8 Pitch

The other option is to refer to the owners manual. However to refer to this you must have the original bar or the equivalent. The owners manual will state what size chain you will need.

Another option is to call us 🙂 if you have the chainsaw model, bar size and the pitch we should be able to aid you in which chain you will need. Our number is 01269 845 222 or you can even pop in and see us, we’re happy to help!

If you fancy measuring the chain we’ve got a handy guide for you. It may sound confusing at first but stick with us and you’ll be measuring up yours correctly in no time!

Measure The Pitch

What is the pitch? The pitch is the distance between the chain’s drive links. It is important to get this right otherwise the chain will not fit your bar. In order to aid you in measuring the pitch Jenkins have produced this handy diagram to aid you. It is possible with a ruler however we recommend using a calliper for greater accuracy.

Firstly identify the three rivets you will use to measure.  Measure the distance from the centre of those rivets and then divide by 2. These are some of the possible outcomes.

Length between rivets = 3/4 or 0.75″  divided by 2 =  Pitch = 3/8 or 0.38″

Length between rivets = 1/2 or 0.50″ divided by 2 Pitch = 1/4 or 0.25″

Length between rivets = 13/20 or 0.650″  divided by 2  Pitch = 0.325″

Measure The Gauge

The Gauge can be tricky to measure accurately because of how small it is. It is advised that callipers are used to make sure you have the accurate reading. If possible refer to your chainsaw manual, this only applies if the original bar is being used. Getting the gauge wrong will cause one of two outcomes. Being to loose so that the chainsaw does not gain traction or it’ll be too thick for your chainsaw and not fit.

The gauge is the thickness of the drive link. The diagram below will show where to the measure the link.

Possible measurements are the following
1.1mm – 0.043″
1.3mm – 0.050″
1.5mm – 0.058″
1.6mm – 0.063″

As you can see the measurements are extremely small with a small margin for error. if you are in doubt please do not hesitate and call our team! If you provide the make of the chainsaw, bar and pitch we should be able to help identify the chain the need. Our number is 01269 845 222 or drop us an email [email protected]

Count  the Drive links

This is the easiest yet most tedious part, counting the drive links! A little tip for this part is lay the chain out in a loop, keeping your finger on the link you started with. this is so you do not lose where you started. It is important to get this correct otherwise the chain will not fit your chainsaw.

Now you have the 3 details. The Gauge, The pitch and the number of drive links you can find the one you need here at Jenkins Webshop! Again any queries or questions please give us a call as we’re all happy to help 👍

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