Our leaf blowers!

November 2nd 2021

Jenkins stock a range of leaf blowers, it can be hard at first glance to know which type and how much power you need. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back on this one! Here’s a break down of the leaf blowers we have here at Jenkins Garden Machinery.

ECHO! Our premium brand are known for reliable and sturdy machines. Their leaf blowers are no different, they offer a powerful blow and also have a vacuum variant in their arsenal. Clearing is a stroll in the park with this make.

ECHO PB-2520

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use gas powered leaf blower, you might be interested in the Echo PB-2520. Echo has a solid reputation for reliability, and this device is in the price range for most anyone with a tight budget for garden equipment. Check out the promo below and a link to the item is here!


EGO LB5300E Blower

The LB5300E is a great addition to your home garden needs. Featuring variable speed control, the high-efficiency brushless motor combines with jet turbine technology to allow effective clearing of leaves, gutters and even blowing excess grass off your lawn mower.

The Turbo Boost feature puts out 900m3 of air per hour, meaning small and medium sized gardens are perfect for the LB5300E Blower. You won’t find many petrol-powered blowers on the market with more power than that! Check out the machine in the below video and a link to the store is HERE! You also get free shipping with the EGO products!




Stiga SAB 700 AE

Light, powerful and long lasting, the SAB 700 cordless leaf blower makes clearing leaves and debris a breeze. When powered with a 48V 4Ah battery, it delivers impressive running times of 120 minutes at low speed, 26 minutes at medium speed, and 18 minutes at full speed. Its efficient ventilation grid at both sides and on the lower part improves airflow and efficiency, and you can easily choose between three speeds using the intuitive keypad. Check out the video and check the item in our store HERE!


Our full range of leaf blowers can be found here

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