Petrol Cobra Wood Chipper 650L

September 20th 2022


The Cobra CHIP650L is a 6.5hp Petrol Wood Chipper. It is small and compact but powerful enough to easily shred branches up to 80mm / 3″ diameter. The unique hinged design of the chute allows easy access to the blades.

The petrol chipper comes with a 196cc 6.5 Hp Loncin Engine meaning that it can easily shred 3″/80mm diameter wood. The Twin Reversible Blades allows for extra safety as chippings will not be flying back at you. However we still recommend that you wear gloves, ear defenders and eye protection when operating any wood chipper.

It also has a safety brake mounted on the front chute, this safety mechanism helps ensure the users safety and any pressure on that beak and the machine will switch off. The unique shape of the hinge also allows easy access to the blades, this is extremely useful for when you need to clear blockages or check the condition of the blades. It comes with a 2 year domestic warranty.

We always get positive feedback from previous customers on this product and we are confident that it can be good addition to your machinery. Please come down and check out the petrol wood chipper as it’s here in the show room!

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› Engine: 196cc 6.5hp Loncin
› Wood Diameter: 80mm / 3″
› Twin Reversible Blades / Eye protection, Ear defenders and gloves
› Emergency Safety Brake
› Unique Hinged Chute
› Overall Height & Length: 1080mm H x 1700mm L
› Domestic Warranty: 2 Years / Hour meter
› Weight: 92kg / Protective Cover

Loncin 6.5hp Engine

Expertly powering the petrol Cobra chipper
The Cobra CHIP650L is powered by a 6.5hp Loncin engine. Loncin provides global customers with comprehensive general power solutions and serves as a supplier of professional low-carbon complete power product and service.

Petrol Chipper with a Unique Chute

Easy access to the blades
The Cobra CHIP650L petrol chipper comes equipped with a
unique hinged chute. The unique hinged design of the chute allows easy access to the blades.The slender design, large wheels and well balanced construction allows the chipper to be manoeuvred easily.


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