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Das Soil Miller Features Include: The Working Width Of The Da-S Soil Miller Is 15 Cm Application: Aerating And Breaking Up Loosening Compatible With All Multi-Change Handles Extras: Sharp Hardened Blade Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Soil Miller 15Cm As A Universal Gardening Tool It Is Suitable For Seed Bed Preparation And Maintenance.
While The Pendulum Blade Is Cutting Weeds Thanks To The Specially-Shaped Star Wheels The Soil Miller Is Crumbling Loosening And Aerating Between The Rows Of Plants Making The Ground Suitable For Sowing.
Crumbles Soil Into A Fine Tilth For Sowing Seeds Or Planting Mixes Peat Manure And Fertiliser Into The Soil Rear Blade Keeps Tool At A Constant Depth

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