EGO CS1610E Chainsaw

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Welcome to incredible power, cut, after cut, after cut. The EGO CS1600E cordless chainsaw is built to tackle the hardest of jobs. The 40cm chain bar can cut through branches and medium sized logs with ease, all while feeling safe in the knowledge that the chain brake will keep you from experiencing kickback whilst enjoying your work.

One battery, multiple tools. Each EGO Power+ 56V ARC lithium battery works with all our tools, so the addition of the CS1600E battery-operated chainsaw to your collection of EGO Power+ garden tools will be a worthwhile purchase. Our batteries deliver the highest capacity in any portable handheld, so you can enjoy the 13.5 m/s chain speed without the power and torque wavering.

The brushless motor makes the output efficient and powerful, and helps to keep the vibration and noise ratings low, meaning the risk of HAV and any ailments due to noise exposure are greatly reduced, therefore positively effecting your health. And when it comes to the health of the chainsaw, the 150ml oil reservoir has an auto-lubricating system which will keep the chain spinning freely, especially when working on sappy woods.

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