Mitox 26L-a Strimmer


The Mitox 26L-a SELECT includes a bump-feed nylon grass strimmer head and a 3-tooth steel brushcutting blade, means this is a very versatile machine and capable of more intensive use, if required. Includes an easy-start recoil system and an automatic choke, this makes the machine easy and very simple to operate. It is fitted with anti-vibration mounts to reduce vibration levels and make for a much more comfortable machine to use.


  • Standard Three Tooth Metal Blade – The 255mm metal brushcutter blade is ideal to use for clearing thicker grass and brush effectively.
  • Quality Easy Starting Engine – Powered by a simple and very easy to use 25.4cc 2-stroke engine.
  • Auto-Choke System – The choke control features set positions for cold and hot starting and automatically returns to idle when the throttle is pulled.
  • Loop Handle – Ergonomic handle on the shaft of the machine. This is an industry standard and should be very familiar.
  • Full Crank Engines – No half cranks here! A full crank engine is the standard choice for all Mitox grass trimmers, even the cheapest model! A full crank engine will benefit you with more power, less vibration and most importantly – potentially a much longer lifetime!
  • Auto Bump Feed Grass Trimmer Head – A pretty standard option these days. This allows you to bump the head on the ground to feed a little more nylon line out. Again, no tools required!
  • Ergonomic Soft Grip Handles – The soft grip handles are designed for user comfort, even over extended periods of work. The padded inserts further increase comfort and reduce vibration.
  • Anti-Vibration System – All models are fitted with extra anti-vibration measures to reduce vibration transmitted to the user’s hands and arms, making extended periods of use more comfortable.
  • Premium Engines – High performance, low emissions engines with reduced fuel consumption, increase operator comfort and reduce running costs. All compliant to the latest euro 2 legislation.
  • 3-Tooth Metal Brushcutter Blade – A heavy-duty steel-tri blade is included with the Mitox 26L petrol brush cutter. The metal blade is ideal to use when cutting through thick grass and brush.
  • Shoulder Strap – An adjustable single strap harness further increases user comfort when cutting or trimming for extended periods of time.

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