Weibang Intrepid Scarifier 384RB

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A quality 38cm scarifier to help you achieve a healthy green lawn

♦ Powered by a Briggs & Stratton 750 Series engine

♦ Powder coated steel chassis

♦ 38cm working width

♦ 22 carbon steel swing tip blade design

♦ 40 litre collection bag

♦ Fully adjustable raking debth

♦ Transport mode

Swing Blade DesignWeibang Intrepid Swing Tip Blades

The blades fitted to the Weibang Intrepid range of petrol scarifiers are swing tip and made of carbon steel. This offers minimal maintenance even when a hard object is struck


Weibang Scarifier Collector

Debris Collector

The Weibang Intrpid 384RB lawn scarifier is supplied with a 40L collector which is ideal for using in smaller gardens to save time on the job



Weibang Intrepid Scarifier Bearings



Industrial Strength

The heavy duty bearings which support the scarifier cassette ensure maximum reliability even when used on the most demanding jobs


Weibang Intrepid Transport Position



Transport Mode

The integrated transport mode raises the scarifing blades up allowing the machine to be safely transported to and from the working area

Weibang Intrepid Scarifier Process

For A Green Healthy Lawn

As you scarify the lawn, the swing tip blades rotate to remove moss and thatch allowing light, water and essential nutrients access to the grass roots



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